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How lockdown changed my life

Thought of sharing an article with everyone about how lockdown changed my life. I have learned a lot from lockdown. It made me realize that it is possible to live life in a simplified and peaceful way.

Lockdown has kept an end to rushing to the office, not getting stressed out due to traffic hustles. Working at your own pace and with a relaxed mindset. Also, the unhealthy habit of eating outside is no more there. No need to involve yourself in unnecessary office talks.

In Lockdown I have learned that following a routine is so necessary to live life with contentment. And following the routine with discipline positively impact our lives. Getting up early in the morning doing yoga and stretching, having a relaxing bath, doing regular prayers, and having a glass of milk with a bowl of dry fruits, starting my office work with a positive attitude. Taking a small break in between, exploring my hobbies for some time. Having lunch and taking a small nap, continuing my work for a few hours.

Walk-in nature in the evening and sipping a cup of tea sitting on the balcony with nice music playing in the background. Enjoying funny movies or videos with the family to keep the stress away. Having a light dinner and reading your favorite book at night for some time allows you to get relaxed and have a peaceful sleep. This whole day routine is so rejuvenating and peaceful.

I felt reverence towards Mother Nature for providing us everything and there is no need to lookout.

I decided every day I will keep a mantra in my mind to stay motivated all day. Today’s mantra is “being in the Present Moment”, “going with the flow” and “always be excited about life”. Self-Motivation is the key to success because no one motivates you better than yourself.

Your perspective of seeing good things around you will get broaden by just allowing life to guide you. Doing these small things every day makes your day so refreshing and joyful.

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