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Overcome Despair to Discover the Beautiful Gifts Within

Life has always made me skeptical, but it was during difficult times that I learned profound lessons. Each hardship has gently reshaped my perspective, revealing to me the myriad of precious gifts that life so generously bestows. Upon looking within, I uncovered hidden secrets that I had to accept.

Earlier in my life, I thought people who were born with special talents could easily succeed in what they did. Those with natural abilities appeared to succeed without much effort, while people with less talent saw every new task as a big challenge. As a result of their lack of competence, an unwillingness to repeat their past mistakes or acceptance of their failures, they simply give up. My experience brought me into the second category since I gave up several times seeing how challenging the work was.

Transformation is a gradual process

Recently, I’ve begun to view my world with fresh eyes, though this transformation was gradual rather than sudden. The past year presented its fair share of challenges as I juggled the responsibilities of caring for my child and maintaining our home.

Life has a way of stripping us of our plans, leaving us in a reality far from what we once envisioned. There was a time when I ardently aspired to a career and yearned to reclaim the autonomy I cherished before marriage. As time marched on, my aspirations began to fade, overshadowed by a growing self-doubt. It felt like my confidence had dwindled to nothing, leaving me adrift and uncertain of which path to take.

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Life often changes our plans

A surprise opportunity allowed me to start a business with a former colleague. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, I invested myself fully in setting up the business, engaging with customers, and completing tasks. Unfortunately, financial difficulties forced the business to close. Rather than discouraging me, this setback fueled my determination. I embraced my passion for writing through blogging, acquired new skills, and prepared diligently for job interviews. It seemed as though these events were serendipitous, reigniting my belief in my capabilities. Job rejections continue to come my way, yet my resolve to persevere until I achieve success remains unshaken.

Adding a new perspective to life

Adopting a new perspective unveiled a more profound truth – the line between the talented and the non-talented is a myth. Everyone possesses a unique talent. Acknowledging and steadfastly applying our strengths can lead to a miraculous life transformation. It is essential to persist; while we may develop incrementally, our dedication to continue must be unwavering. We must welcome the journey, appreciating that both acceptances and rejections are part of life’s intricate tapestry.

Recognizing my gifts

Acknowledging my gifts has set me on a path marked by persistent struggles, with no intention of looking back. While some people find their true calling early, others, like me, require more time. The journey mandates self-discovery and acceptance – to reconcile with our true nature and unreservedly accept our identities.

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Unless we find what we are looking for, the internal conflict will not end. God takes time to arrange things for us we just need to be patient and put our trust in him. We do not know his ways, sometimes he shows how the help came to us, and sometimes not, it just happens.

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