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Life’s Simple Lessons learned in a hard way

Today I felt that the Universe waits for you to open up, and the moment you spread your wings, it starts showering all those gifts that you have been longing for. I wish to share a few lessons learned from my life experiences:

  • I have learned that, doubting myself and others is like a slow poison. I would always seek authentication from others, whether it is my write-up or any project work, it has to be approved by others. This has weakened my self-belief system and added frustration to my life. I have learned it is good not to let it subjugate your real self.
  • I was turning myself into an escapist, the moment something challenging falls onto my plate, I started thinking about the negative consequences, which never happened in reality. I tend to become scared about being offended by others. This continued for a very long time, but I remembered the day when a thought came to my mind, I should pen down about all the opportunities that came into my life and find out why I have withdrawn myself from them. I was surprised that the probability of trying was far less than achieving or losing them. The irony of my life was, I did not even roll the dice and waiting for the outcome, and that too in my favor.
  • The most hated word in my life was “Discipline” because my father used it very frequently. This word has lost its essence in the early days of my life. But it has gained its popularity in a very respectful way at a very later phase of my life. The time when I started being consistent in whatever I was doing, that day “discipline” entered my life.
  • I have realized at a very later stage of life, it’s pointless to run away from the shit holes, the moment you are out from it, you will fall into another and this time it would be a more deadly one.  You will realize that the former was better than the latter. So you need to gather all your strength to rise above.  And closed the trap by yourself so that the next time you know where you are going.

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