Solo Traveling

Solo Traveler: Being in your own world

Yesterday I was watching a Netflix series with my daughter “Adventures of Merlin”. I loved the Great Dragon’s wise words, “None of us can choose our destiny and none of us can escape it”. I never thought of myself as work from home mother but destiny has other plans for you, which may not align with your goals in life. I was always a solo traveler who loves to explore places in her own way.

I used to find places on Google Map, researching about the place which is unexplored, having less population but should have at least govt accommodation to stay. Create an itinerary based on the milestone that has to be completed while traveling to that place. Starting the journey by train or bus, then local transport and reaching halfway.

Taking a halt in between and restart the journey to reach the destination I have chosen. Opting for the local transport and listening to the stories of fellow travelers was the best part of the journey.

I believe that I can learn from every being on this planet. The locals were amazing storytellers and I had one of the best experiences of life, with them. The smell of the tea, the taste of Maggie have always been a part of beautiful memories.

I remember people at the hotel used to ask me why am I traveling alone, my answer was the same for all those years I have traveled alone.

I am a journalist, taking pictures and interviewing people to know about the culture and heritage of the place. Because of the camera and a journal in my hand they believed me.

The charm of the place and freedom of being yourself was something I would die for. I have traveled so many places alone but each one of them had a lot to offer in terms of experience and learnings.

I will share stories about all my travel experiences in upcoming blogs.

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