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Hello World

I am Jyoti, but I wish my name would be “dreamer”. Because life never offers you what you dream but your dream takes you totally in a different world.

Whatever I have learned in life till date, I wish to share with everyone. Every chapter in this Blog unfolds to a new learning of life. I feel the clarity I have received from the Universe belongs to all humans. That is why I created this Blog, so that my posts would reach, as many people as it can.

The knowledge I have acquired from the experiences of my life is precious to me and I have tried to explain it in the best possible way I can. Connecting with the world and sharing my stories is the only intention behind this blog.

Free Bird is a community that wishes to bring change in other’s lives. We share stories, wisdom, inspiring photos, and videos. You can share your inspiring stories and we will post it on our Free Bird page.

Join the club of, where you can learn and gain wisdom. Ignite your true potential by coming out of the comfort zone.

Our Intent is to share the Real-life stories of people who have struggled and learned from their hardships. What are you waiting for!!!! Unravel the hidden treasures of life, learn as much as you can, there is only one life to live. Gain Knowledge, Gain Wisdom, Share your life journey, Inspire others

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