Dreams are bigger than your Fear
Happy Life

Teachers of life: Seeing life from a Different Perspective

Whenever I met people who troubled me in the past or the present, I started questioning God, why he has sent these people in my life. For how long I will be miserable. Is there any end to this sorrow? Life tests you, how much you are willing to end this cycle of suffering. I received the answers in the form of clarity.

Everyone who enters our lives is our teacher, that is in God’s plan to plant them in our journey so that we can learn something from them. Life wants the best out of you. There are no good or bad people. They are just playing the role of a teacher in your life, without your knowledge.

When the Universe conspires to produce positive results in your life, it brings more suffering. It is beyond our understanding of how we are connected to nurture, to yield the desired results. That is why it is useless to blame or question God for the sufferings we are going through.

This is the phase or learning period of our soul. Being in a happy state of mind and a loving attitude towards everyone accelerates the process of learning. And it will gradually help to release the sufferings in our lives. Be kind and cultivate humility for all living beings in this Universe.

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