Mystery of Life
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Mystery of Life

One thing I have understood that the past is unforgettable, even if you’re Present is going well but still your past haunts you. Unless you solve your past, you will never be at peace. And when your present isn’t pleasant, you tend to fall into the past, where you can cherish the memories of the past.

Either way past will walk with you, so what are the possibilities to brighten up the past. It entirely depends upon the present how you are going to make it happen.

The very first thing that hit my mind is to open up wherever you are stopping yourself, find out all those situations where you hesitate, resist, and avoid. Instead of avoiding those situations, start embracing them. Flipping the coin is all you need to do. The coin has two sides, on one side you have lived by suppressing, hesitating, avoiding, and resisting. And the other side is exactly the opposite, why not see the other side of the coin and change it. By flipping the coin, you are going to live the other side as well, living the contrasting side of you. And then see what life brings for you, put yourself at risk, not an ounce of you remains on the older side.

When I have started doing it, it was very uncomfortable in the beginning but slowly steadily the spark inside gets lightened up. But the golden rule is you never stop yourself, keep moving, even if you move slow, it doesn’t matter. Slowly steadily you will learn to crawl, then walk and finally run, and that day you will start enjoying the ride. It’s not a matter of being successful and results-oriented. All that is matter, enjoying the journey of life, the moment you understand the feeling, you have unlocked the mystery of life.

Patience carries the utmost importance here. Slowly, day by day the being inside you become stronger, you will try hard, then harder and ultimately you are unstoppable. Never stop yourself in between, just keep moving, the motivation that will drive you is, living the other side of the coin. And that is full of risks, uncertainty, and danger. But what is life if I die before living it? Life is all about, living in its full swing, with all its Colour. It doesn’t matter what’s your age, situation, or your environment, you can step in anytime.

All I know is, to walk the path, all you need is to be consistent and keep yourself rooted to the ground. You will come very close to the person who has gain victory over his internal conflicts by diving into the situation and not running away from it.

And I believe there is not a single thing in this world which you cannot do. It’s just about the learning path, for some it is slow and for some it is fast. But ultimately those who stick to their plan, reach where they want. It’s a wrong saying, “I cannot do it”. You got to try before saying it.

It’s just like in our old days, when our teachers use to say practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice, the more marks you will get in your exams. But the thumb rule is, slow, steady, and consistently gets a chance to live life beautifully. Here is an example, when you start learning how to ride a bike, you learn it, multiple times you fall, but you stand again, try it and finally you gain the confidence to ride it. The same concept goes with all life situations, you have to make yourself uncomfortable for a certain period, and that is the toughest part, but being consistent in your learning you overcome all the hardships and finally you dealt with your life situation which will not trouble you for a lifetime. The mystery of life is when you have solved all your life problems and now past, present and future cannot trouble because you learned the knack of it.

That day the understanding arises within yourself that nothing is tough in this life, all you need is time and little effort. Flip the coin, change your life, and do write to me about what life brings to you.

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