Fearlessness of Nature
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How to reveal your fearless state of mind

What is the importance of words in our life, how easily we relate ourselves with words and experience the flow of thoughts and feelings based on the nature of the words used?

We are restricted from good and bad feelings and still not able to transcend that stage. We have lost the connection with existence by bringing language as a barrier in our life.

Just imagined that you have no understanding of the language that you speak daily and at that very moment mind stopped the flow of thoughts and brings stillness within you. There wouldn’t be any movement of thoughts inside the mind and calmness and quietness prevails.

The real beauty of existence cannot be seen with the mind’s eyes, seeing a flower we forget its beauty and start connecting our thoughts or experiences related to it. Feelings are also the results of the same, it is difficult for us to remain with an unpleasant feeling and that is the reason we suffer because we try to fight or resist and do not want to remain with it.

If we accept everything as is, there would not be any good or bad feelings.

Mind categorizes every feeling as good or bad, we create problems for ourselves by giving them name as a problem. Try to name it in any other way and you will find the difference.

Since the day we are born, we are dependent on someone or the other, we have never learned to live alone. It seems like a nightmare for anyone to stay alone, so many thoughts and the feeling started creeping in our mind and the urge to share it with someone arises and if that person is not available for some reason we started feeling heavy from inside or miserable. But if we see deeply it’s our fears which are not letting us stay in peace. Instead of avoiding the situation, standing under your fears would help to overcome them.

Today we have almost lost our affection for ourselves. Also, we create our fears unconsciously by accepting the wrong beliefs from society and others. Then these thoughts will take the shape of ego by creating a false identity of ourselves.

In our belief system, we have placed the words loneliness, aloneness, fear, etc. as unpleasant feelings, so whenever we encounter them in our life we feel low or miserable, if we replace them with happiness, joy, bliss, this will certainly change the meaning and the feeling itself.

Words are responsible for creating feelings inside our minds. A thoughtless and direct approach is required to overcome any situation.

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