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How to lead a simplified and happy life

In this current situation, we need to work more closely with each other. Forgetting all about the differences, we can focus on offering assistance and working towards the betterment of humanity. Instead of competing, we should be cooperating.

This reminds me of an old memory that perfectly aligns with this topic. Once I have attended an Indian wedding in a village in the past. It was one of the beautiful memories that I would love to recall as many times as I want.

On the day of the wedding, I was stunned to see all the events happening in the house. All the villagers gathered in the house were happily undertaking the responsibility of decorating the house and began the food preparation. They were laughing, dancing, gossiping, and completing their chores. In a few hours, everything was in place and they left the house to get ready for the evening feast. I was shocked to see, their humble gesture towards each other, and the attitude of being supportive, simply amazed me.

I have realized that there is so much to learn from our culture and the values that are still engraved in people of rural parts of India. No ego hassles, no fights, no arrogance, all I found was simplicity and contentment among the villagers. They were cooperating not competing, whereas in metro cities it is exactly the opposite.

I spoke to one of the villagers and asked them for how long they have been following this tradition, and he answered they have no idea it has been passed from the generations. I wish

I wish I could sync my thoughts with these simple people, who are always smiling no matter what happened in their lives. With so much less, they were doing so much more. And in our case, with so much more, we share so less.

Staying with them has changed the outlook towards life and after coming back I have decided to replicate the villager’s tradition and applied it in my house gatherings too. I hope to imbibe the qualities of being supportive and wish to stand for others in their good or bad times. These stories are so moving, that they leave their imprints on our minds for a very long time.

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