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Living a peaceful life is easy

One day I pledged to myself to begin my day with a calm mind.
I started taking things lightly, was telling myself to feel lighter, calmer, and quieter. I tried to work out everything under the shed of that calmness.

” I felt a silent mind is better than a busy mind. Staying with the light feeling throughout the day is not a difficult thing.”

I thought preparing myself for any situation would step and tried to approach it with a calm mind. It was inevitable that things would not go my way and would turn negative.

On several occasions, I got caught up in a situation when someone was yelling or getting furious at me for some or no reason. But I choose to stay grounded. I was not getting disturbed by the clouds of thoughts that were revolving all around me at that moment. I was still and silent and felt the irrelevance of the whole situation. My response towards that situation made the person realized his anger.

Peaceful being

It just took a minute to subside those negative feelings. I continued this practice all day, felt the joy that was arising inside.
Slowly, steadily more moments of silence, stillness, contentment, and joy started sneaking in. I felt unaffected by any situation coming in my way. I feel as if a new being is evolving within me.

Deep acceptance of things begins to arise. I stopped blaming, doubting, and judging myself for any situation. I started loving myself and felt bad for ignoring the being inside me.

Now it seems that we all have a secret key within us, need to unlock it, and enjoy the treasures of life.

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