Great Powers comes great responsibility

Great powers, comes with great responsibility

The last few days have been so disturbing for me because of my health issues. Continuously for three days, my headaches were troubling me and I couldn’t focus on my child and at work. One night I was unable to sleep, I was anxious about the thought of being separated from my precious one.

I was overwhelmed by all kinds of negative thoughts about my health. What if I have less time left on this planet. How will she survive without me? I always have this feeling of being responsible for my child’s happiness and sorrows. All she looks for is always me.

All I have to do is to take good care of myself if I want to see her grow. So I started this journey towards my fitness. I changed my lifestyle, I had the habit of sleeping late and watching Netflix. Getting up early and going to bed early started working for me. Also, 5kms of evening walk has helped me a lot. The motivation behind all this is my daughter, more healthy and happy years to spend with her. As a woman, we are sometimes reluctant to think about our health because we tend to focus on our family instead of ourselves. Healthy lifestyle choices, such as early morning walks, early breakfasts, and evening walks, were showing good results. I felt only a child motivates her mother to go beyond her inhibitions.

Being a mother I have realized, we are too occupied with our loved ones and hardly find time to pamper ourselves. I have started giving myself time, by including my hobbies in my daily schedule. I love writing, doing crafting with my daughter, playing games with her, and painting. By doing what you love, you keep the stress at bay.

The woman is a sentimental and emotional being, and our daily decisions are sometimes gone on toss because of our nature. By leading one’s life practically, one can give priority to the most important aspects of living. Due to numerous factors, our health and career are compromised. This further creates problems within us, so prioritize your life in a way that provides fulfillment and happiness, not frustration and conflict.

In a woman’s life, loving herself is the least important thing. But ideally, it would be at the top, as it is difficult to feel love for anyone else unless you feel love for yourself. Treat yourself to all those things, which make you feel good. As rightly said by Winston Churchill, “with great powers, comes with great responsibility”, totally apt for every woman. There is no doubt that a woman is the most powerful being on this planet; her smile lights up the entire family. In our household, we keep the peace by resolving all the issues of our loved ones. Your parents, spouse, or children ever wanted is for you is to be happy and content.

Motherhood is the best thing that happened to a woman but it endures challenges. So I would encourage all beautiful Moms, take time to pamper and love themselves. Take excellent care of yourself as you are your family’s foundation.

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