Enjoying Motherhood

Learn to be a better Parent

Being a mother is the most responsible job in the world. We design our child’s world. It depends entirely upon us how beautifully we do it.

Several times I have seen my child imitating my actions and speak in the same way I do. I was unaware that she is always observing me whenever I communicate with others. Sometimes she blabbers and emulates my actions. Keeping that in mind, now I remain conscious while talking to others when she is around. It has brought a positive change in me. I am always alert about my behaviors and actions.

Whatever I have learned in these four years from my daughter, I would like to share with others.

I have realized that the most important thing a mother should do is to treat her child with love and respect. It will strengthen them to tackle life problems. In the future, they will contribute the same to society, what we have taught them. Wisdom will enter them at an early age. We should encourage the child to respect others and themselves.

Love is like the guiding star for our little ones. Mother’s unconditional love towards her child sometimes acts as a blindfold against the child’s odds. Loving your child means listening to her, feeling her emotions, and embracing her. Most importantly spending quality time with your little ones. It would provide her immense help to overcome her shortcomings.

Mother and Daughter spending time with each other

The child would always be open with you if you choose not to get angry over her mistakes. Sometimes children behave abrasively, must be something going inside her, which he/she might not able to share. It would be wise to explain her shortcomings calmly.

To develop good qualities in our children, we need to bring positive changes in ourselves. Our actions, behavior, feelings, moods, everything is now going to be part of our child’s lives. If you love your child truly and are determined to shape their future try to be the one whom they would admire. Treating the child as an individual encourages them to be unique people. Love and respect are the water and sunshine for your child to turn out into an unshakable, sturdy tree.

I appreciate her for all those things that she takes the initiative to do. Now she listens to everything very carefully and applies it in her daily chores. It started opening the doors of creativity.

FREEDOM: Giving freedom to your child is the lesson I have learned in a very later stage of life. It was tough in the beginning, but gradually it happened to blend into our lives. It shows the utmost respect to free your child and let her be herself. I have seen immense progress and maturity in my child since I have let her do things the way she wants.

APPRECIATION: One quality I always want my child to inherit from me is to share things with others. I believe we are here to support and stand for each other. She has learned to offer and share her food, toys, and books with others. Being a giver is the one who is always closer to God. If the child is willing to give, he/she will never be bothered about filling their own pockets.

Please help your child to grow in a happy, cheerful, and Joyful environment. Always remember to provide the right soil for her to get nurtured. 

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