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I have always been skeptical about life but as I moved towards the rough phase of life, I started learning a lot of things that eventually changed my perspective.

During the earlier phase, my experiences have taught me that some people are talented, some are not. Talented people can accomplish things easily with their talent in a particular field and can gain success. In contrast, non-talented people find it hard to succeed when they try something new. As a result of their lack of competence, an unwillingness to repeat their past mistakes, or acceptance of their failures, they simply give up. My experience brought me into the second category since I gave up several times seeing how challenging the work was.

Recently, my perception has shifted significantly, but not overnight. Last year I was distressed, going through a tough time, taking care of my little one, and do household chores was my daily routine. But I didn’t expect this from life, I intended to work in the future and settle down as I was before marriage. My life was going without me and as years passed l lost hope and slowly my belief in myself was dissolving. My confidence was shattered and I had no clue where to go from here. The path was dark and I could no longer see my future.

One day an opportunity came out of nowhere for me to work with my old colleague on his start-up. I helped him set up his firm, work with clients, and deliver projects. Because of the pandemic situation, clients were hesitant to invest in a new business. Slowly the funds dried up due to lack of resources, the new venture failed.

However, I didn’t give up hope and I am willing to face challenges now. I love to write, so I started my blog. I learned new skills and prepared for interviews. It seems everything was planned by God so that I would restore the faith in myself. Although rejection for a job occurs however I haven’t given up on myself and never will. I will be grounded and hold strong until the time comes when I achieve my goal.

Perspective on life is altered, and a new understanding is born. There is no such thing called talented and non-talented. Everyone has a gift, once you recognize your strengths and are determined to apply them in your life, it changes you miraculously. The consistency of your efforts matters a lot, regardless of your progress, never give up and just keep going. And make sure you do not ever turn your back.

You encounter acceptances and rejections throughout life which keeps you going. From the time I realized my gifts, my struggles continued and I did not turn back. Some people find themselves early while others take time. Ultimately we all have to know who we are and have to make peace with our being.

Unless we find what we are looking for, the internal conflict will not end. God takes time to arrange things for us we just need to be patient and put our trust in him. We do not know his ways, sometimes he shows how the help came to us and sometimes not, it just happens.

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